Making Relaxation Techniques A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Being relax is one of the keys to productivity. You are able to work efficiently as well. This should be maintained for you to enjoy good results when you always have a relax mind and body. The following is a list of powerful and simple things that you can do to reduce stress and tension. Try to do each and select what works for you:

Be Happy


Smile! Do not worry so much. Of course, this is often said than done but this should be a regular practice. The simple act of smiling can lift your mood and release tension. Think of an activity that makes you laugh, chat with a funny friend or maybe watch a comedy show. By smiling and laughing make you naturally release tensions and eventually feel relaxed. It’s always a fact that laughing is a great stress-reliever. A more detailed article about laughter will be posted soon.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Know yourself. Try to master your strengths and utilize them in realizing your dreams. Accept whatever weaknesses you have. Try to overcome them but make sure to focus more on using your strengths. Some people use their weaknesses in some other ways for a specific goal however this is not always the case.

Learn from Past Mistakes

This is very important. Some people let their past dominate them and live a stressful life. Thinking your past mistakes is beneficial when you treat them as your stepping stone in having sound decisions in the future. Always be positive and smile!


Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a great stress reliever. This has been proven so make sure to have a schedule for your regular exercise. Some exercises that you can do anytime are walking, swimming, running up and down the stairs, and dancing. You can also do some mental exercises to put away  boredom which causes stress. Try to learn new skills, have a new hobby. Always do something that stimulates your mind. Below are examples of relaxing activities that you can do during your free time:

Playing with your pet
Listening to your favorite playlist
Going to a massage parlor
Practicing Yoga and Deep Breathing
Zumba Dancing
Writing a daily journal
Doing puzzles


Overcoming Insomnia: Tips On How To Improve Sleep Habit

A good night’s sleep is important because this helps improve your concentration and memory formation, and also refreshes your immune system, which helps you fight against diseases. Some of the tip on how to improve your sleep are by solving emotional issues, improving your room, and having a healthier. With this, the following are tips or practices on how to improve sleep habits.

sleepAvoid artificial lights at night such as the lights coming from your television and PC. They can suppress the production of melatonin of your body. Make sure to turn off your TV and PC at least one hour before bed. It is also good if your PC is not located near to your bed.

Never read using a backlit device at night like your iPad. Use an eReader that is not backlit capable, if you use a mobile device to read.

Maintain a quiet, dark, and comfortable bedroom. Try to set your bedroom free from noise and light. You may use a sleep mask to block out some lights around you. Using a sleep mask is very helpful to many since this can cover your whole eyes that lead to a better sleep.

15264834656_4f5271c7cf_bUse your room solely for sleep and sex. Do not work or watch TV there. Treating your room as your only place for relaxation improves your mood.

Have a regular sleeping schedule. Be consistent. Make sure to go to bed and wake up every day with the schedule you set. Try to set up a sleeping time and make sure to follow it. Try also to make an adjustment and try to match the time when you feel like going to bed, though it is very early.

Bedtime rituals are helpful. You may take a bath, play music, do yoga or practice some relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing. There are a lot more of activities that you can do before bedtime and this will also be discussed in a different article.

Try to limit your sleeping pills intake. Some pills have side effects and they are not good for a long-term use. These pills don’t really address the causes of insomnia and sometimes can make it even worse in the long run.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Exercise Routine Enjoyable

Some don’t like exercising or don’t have the opportunity of doing it. Either of these two options is the ultimate reason for not having an active lifestyle. Now, this article will show you how to get interested in exercising or how to get you to enjoy exercise.

Below are ways to exercise that don’t feel like it’s an exercise:

6814607213_f6d4a04522_oHiking with your family or friends – Going on a hike is a great way to exercise for your body. There are a lot of reasons to hike. You can hike and enjoy your surroundings, chat with your friends and family members or you can day dream as you reflect how relaxing the nature is. It’s a bit tiring for beginners but this is also a way of exploring new surroundings if you don’t go outdoors. Invite your family or friends, pack a lunch and spend the whole day outdoors. You’ll encounter up and down hills and refreshing streams. Hiking is a free adventure but it is also an opportunity to be fit and healthy.

Walking – No time for hiking because most family members have their own appointments already. Now, go for a walk. Even a 15 to 30-minute brisk walk is a good start. You may call them just for that span of time.
Dancing – You will be sweating within ten to fifteen minutes of dancing. Go to Youtube and you can choose any dancing videos there. Zumba, Tango, and Flamenco are some popular types of dancing that can be seen on Youtube.

Cleaning the house – Most people don’t like to clean their house/apartments but this is a good exercise for you. Just wiping some appliances, mapping the floor will cause you to sweat. You can turn on your radio and play your favorite song/music as you clean.

Playing a musical instrument – Playing violin for an hour can burn as many calories as walking around a track at a normal pace for an hour. You may try other musical instruments like guitar, drum or piano.

6971610922_cd8664957c_k (1)

Riding a bike to work – You can save a huge amount of money on gas if you regularly go to work by just using your own bike and at the same time, let your body exercise plus the beauty of nature as you go to your office.