Things That You Need To Do Before Visiting A Nail Salon

Visiting a nail salon makes you relax and rewarding. You are giving yourself what it deserves when it comes to maintaining your fingernails and toenails clean. Unfortunately, it is a fact that it is not a guaranteed 100% that you are safe because there were some hidden dangers like the occurrence of infection. Make sure to choose a nail salon in Jacksonville, Florida that has a lot of positive reviews.


There are some known circumstances of getting a foot infection that landed in the hospital. The initial injury was only a minor cut she received from a nail salon staff but resulted in a bacterial infection called cellulitis. Cellulitis is very common in nail salons. When salons don’t take proper care to disinfect their tools, these bacterial infections occur.  So next time that you wanted to have your nails done in a full service nail salon, keep the below tips for you to avoid getting an infection.

Visit The Nail Salon In The Morning

Foot baths are the cleanest and haven’t been used by many people in the morning. With this, you are able to have clean tools because of fewer clients that come in. In the case that you can’t make it early in the morning then make sure to check if the nail salon properly cleans the tubs in between clients.

Never Shave Your Legs Beforehand


Through small openings, cellulitis, and other bacterial infections can enter the skin so make sure not to shave your legs because doing so creates microtears in the skin. This will allow the bacteria to enter. You can also contract other dangerous infections aside from cellulitis.

Look For Licenses

Make sure to be prudent when choosing a salon. Look for places that display a state license somewhere visible. Do not forget to check the nail technician’s license, too.

Nix The Cuticle Cutting

Cutting cuticles increase your risk of infection because cuticles serve as a protective barrier against bacteria. Do not push back cuticles as well. There are a lot of nail technicians that do this automatically. Inform them beforehand that you want to skip this part.

Bring Your Own Tools


According to a report, approximately 75 percent of salons do not follow state protocol for disinfecting their tools. There are some certain non-metal tools that cannot be fully sterilized and they should only be used to one person. To avoid getting an infection, you may bring your own nail files and foot pumices. With this, you are assured that they haven’t been used on other clients.



Here’s also a video on what not to do in nail salon:

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